Pioneering a Plastic-Positive Future

We are stoked to partner with the most influential ocean waste organization, mission driven
brands, and impact investors that are passionate about reducing plastic pollution.

The StokedPlastic Affect

Our formulas significantly increases the use of recycled plastic in durable good production.

To date we have removed over 380K water bottles from landfills and ocean, and counting.

Support inter-continental communities most impacted to plastic pollution.

100% Circular - Use, Recycle, Repeat.

Meets ESG Commitments.

Water Bottles Pulled From The Ocean 380344 And Counting. . .


Durable, Injection Molded, Goods - unlike our competitors we are able to reconstruct and produce the durable and flexible properties required for high quality and performance based goods.


StokedPlastic is the most durable, flexible, and highest
quality performance plastic available for injection molded

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